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Dear Friends,

Our identity in Christ gives meaning and purpose to our existence. Knowing who we are as a Christ-centered university informs our behavior, guides our decisions, and provides a clear identity for our community. This collection of documents represents our values and ethos. They serve as our guideposts as we traverse the landscape of higher education and an evolving and increasingly complex cultural context. They fashion our foundation as we lean into our Shared Vision 2022 and strive to become that “city on a hill that reflects the life of Christ and shines the light of Truth.”

Those exploring our community will find a warm and welcoming environment, where relationships matter, none more so than our individual and collective relationship with Jesus Christ. Please familiarize yourself with these statements. Consider how they give expression to your own values and faith journey. We believe this framework embraces the healthy, God-given diversity of the Body of Christ and know our community is enriched by the Christian traditions represented at APU. We pray that your thoughtful and thorough review offers clarity about your fit as a prospective member of our university family and guides your path forward.

For those already employed by the university, I love that this brochure captures all of our important documents that affirm our identity in a single place. As we navigated our recent Values and Ethos conversation, I felt myself drawn back to these pages. I invite you to do the same. These statements serve as an anchor for us; they represent our unwavering commitment to Jesus Christ, unchanged since our founding and responsive to the challenges and opportunities of a hurting world. You see, through our respective roles on campus, we have the potential to play a leading role in students’ transformation. That’s why it is so critical that we, too, live transformed lives and model who we are in Christ, all so that we can provide appropriate support and challenge for our students. Revisit these statements. Make sure they continue to resonate with who you are in Christ. Then commit with me to support, sustain, and affirm them.


Jon R. Wallace, DBA