How to Apply

Welcome to Azusa Pacific University’s Employment Website.  Please take this opportunity to review the university's What We Believe: Our Identity and Values in Community and Academic Vision 2022 documents.

When applying for a faculty position and in order for your application to be considered complete, make sure you upload the following in Step 4 'Profile Attachments' of the application process:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Completed essay regarding all four faith topics as outlined below (please number your responses accordingly)
  • Copies of unofficial transcripts (official transcripts will be required prior to a final interview)
  • Cover Letter

Faith topics listed below:

Please complete an essay responding to each number below (please number your responses accordingly):

  1. Because all faculty members are expected to sign the Statement of Faith , please provide a written response to the statement.  This response should reflect your own beliefs and faith practices, and should indicate to what extent you are in agreement with the university’s Statement of Faith.
  2. As a Christ-centered university, there is an intentional effort to integrate the Christian faith within each of the disciplines.  As you think about your discipline, how will you integrate your faith with the content of your discipline?
  3. After reading the Mission Statement and Statement of Faith please describe how you see yourself fitting with the mission and purpose of APU.  What do you find most attractive about working at APU?  What do you see as your major contribution to furthering the mission of the university?
  4. Describe your relationship with Jesus Christ and your level of participation in your church/faith commitment.


 ***Please note: The application is time limited to 60 minutes.  You will be given one opportunity to extend your time to another 60 minutes.  To ensure a smooth application process, please have all materials noted above, prepared in advance.***


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